Pretty Ugly

Bug Face

Rainbow Fly

Green Beetle

Little Brown Butterfly

Lots of legs

Millipede on Moss

Ugly Bug

Spider Silhouette

Butterfly Feeding

Little Grey Butterfly

Fire Moth

A Pair of Monarchs

Fuzzy Bee


Monarch Orange

Mouthful of Pollen


Yellow Spotted Spider

Lady Bug 1

Lady Bug 2

Lady Bug 3

Lady Bug 4

Spotted Moth

Red Dragon

Cartoon Bug

Land and Refuel

On the Move

Funny Yellow Fly

Funny Yellow Fly 2

Small and Smaller

Foot Bath

Sweet Nectar

Green Fly

Moth on Wood Post

Red Fly

Lunch Time

Out on a Limb

Dark Helmet

Floating Spider

Hangin Out

Tiny Bee

Hiding in the Grass

Oriental Beetle